Anti-Slapp Act


This committee will study the need for and feasibility of drafting a uniform or model Anti-SLAPP law. The acronym SLAPP stands for Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation, meaning a lawsuit of dubious merit brought for the purpose of silencing, intimidating, or retaliating against a defendant who has done nothing more than exercise their lawful rights to free speech and freedom to petition or similar rights.

Committee Members

Lane Shetterly Chair
W. Grant Callow Vice Chair
Ellen A. Efros Member
Robert W. Hayes Member
Susan Kelly Nichols Member
Harvey S. Perlman Member
William J. Quinlan Member
Michele Radosevich Member
Daniel Robbins Member
Paula Tackett Member
H. Clayton Walker Member
D. Joe Willis Member
Nora Winkelman Division D Chair Member
George Freeman ABA Section Advisor
Liza Karsai Executive Director
Carl H. Lisman Chair, Scope & Program Committee
Katie Robinson Staff Liaison
Kaitlin D. Wolff Staff Liaison


No drafts for this commitee